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29 May 2015
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CategorySub-CategorySkuNameOriginal PriceSpecial PriceSpecial Expiry Date
CategorySub-CategorySkuNamesOriginal PriceSpecial PriceSpecial Expiry Date
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-002Voice of the Volcano comic2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-021Noah's Flood comic2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-022Ark of Noah comic, The2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-024Dinosaurs and Dragons comic2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-029World of Creation (Booklet)2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-501Some modern-day scientists who oppose evolution (tract)0.20
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-502Siccar Point Scotland (tract)0.20
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-503Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland (tract)0.20
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-5043 Sisters (tract)0.20
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-506Skeptics vs Creationists3.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-507Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction?, The3.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-508Can you tell the difference between Evolution and Natural Selection? (tract)0.20
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-510Surtsey Surprises—Young Island Already Looks Millions of Years Old (tract)0.20
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-511Mystery of Ancient Man comic, The2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-512UFOs and Aliens comic2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-513Adam’s rib, creation & the human body0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-514Are we being visited by extra-terrestrials?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-515Does God exist?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-516Evidence for a young world0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-517From evolution to creation0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-518How can we see distant stars in a young universe?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-519How did the animals fit on Noah's Ark?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-520How did all the different 'races' arise?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-521Mammoth—Riddle of the Ice Age0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-522'Natural' evidences for the Creator-God of the Bible0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-523Noah's Flood—What about all that water?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-524Good News, The0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-525What about arguments for evolution?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-526What about carbon dating?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-527What about Continental Drift?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-528What about dinosaurs?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-529What about the Ice Age?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-530Who was Cain's wife?0.60
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-535Voyage Study Guide (tract)0.20
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-53615 Reasons to Take Genesis as History3.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-537Stones and Bones3.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-538Answers to the 4 Big Questions3.50
BooksChildren's10-1-010Dinosaurs by Design16.00
BooksChildren's10-1-011Dry Bones and Other Fossils14.00
BooksChildren's10-1-023Life Before Birth13.00
BooksChildren's10-1-024Life in the Great Ice Age15.00
BooksChildren's10-1-040What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? 11.00
BooksChildren's10-1-098Wonders of Creation: The Weather Book16.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-119Exploring Planet Earth14.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-122Science and the Bible Vol.215.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-154Exploring the History of Medicine14.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-170Body By Design14.00
BooksChildren's10-1-176Wonders of Creation: The Geology Book16.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-179Exploring the World of Chemistry14.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-185Exploring the World Around You14.00
BooksChildren's10-1-202Wonders of Creation: The Ocean Book16.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-203Exploring the World of Mathematics14.00
BooksChildren's10-1-218Dragons of the Deep: Ocean monsters past and present16.00
BooksChildren's10-1-230Wonders of Creation: The Fossil Book16.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-501Exploring the World of Physics14.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-505Complete Zoo Adventure, The17.00
BooksChildren's10-1-509Wonders of Creation: The Cave Book16.00
BooksChildren's10-1-510Work of His Fingers, The8.00
BooksChildren's10-1-514A Bible Alphabet8.00
BooksChildren's10-1-515A Bible Alphabet Activity Book4.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-522Forces & Motion—Textbook13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-523Forces & Motion—Student Guide5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-524Forces & Motion—Teacher Guide5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-525Matter—Textbook13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-526Matter—Student Journal5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-527Matter—Teacher Guide5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-528Exploring Creation with Astronomy39.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-530Exploring Creation with Zoology 1—Flying Creatures39.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-531Exploring Creation with Zoology 2—Swimming Creatures39.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-532Exploring Creation with Zoology 3—Land Animals39.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-533Exploring Creation with Astronomy—Student’s Journal27.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-534Exploring Creation with Botany—Student’s Journal27.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-535Exploring the World of Biology14.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-536Living Fossils—Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol-230.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-537Living Fossils—Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol 2 (Teacher Manual)17.00
BooksChildren's10-1-538Word Wise Vol 1: God’s Amazing Book8.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-539Complete Aquarium Adventure, The19.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-544God Made the World & Me14.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-545Creation: Thirteen 6-in-1 Comprehensive Curriculum Lessons14.00
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-539Gap Theory (tract), The0.20
BooksEducation Resources10-1-540Energy—Textbook13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-541Energy—Student Guide5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-542Energy—Teacher Guide5.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-002ECreation magazine - 2 yr print renewal48.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-003Creation magazine print - 3 yr new subn68.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-003ECreation magazine - 3 yr print renewal68.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation.90-4-001Journal of Creation - 1 yr new subn39.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation.90-4-001EJournal of Creation - 1 yr renewal39.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation.90-4-002Journal of Creation - 2 yr new subn75.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation.90-4-002EJournal of Creation - 2 yr renewal75.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation.90-4-003Journal of Creation - 3 yr new subn105.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation.90-4-003EJournal of Creation - 3 yr renewal105.00
Packs.90-7-633Greatest Hoax? Campaign pack (Size S)25.0025.00NEVER
Packs.90-7-643Greatest Hoax? Campaign pack (Size S)25.00NEVER
Packs.90-7-644Greatest Hoax? Campaign pack (Size L)25.00NEVER
Packs.90-7-645Greatest Hoax? Campaign pack (Size XL)25.00NEVER
Packs.90-7-529Science and the Bible (Volumes 2 & 3)30.0027.0001/01/2016
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-001Amazing Fossils comic2.50
BooksBooklets & Tracts.90-7-540Comic Books (set of 7)17.5012.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-652Defending Your Faith 3 DVD pack39.0020.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-653Core Issues 8 DVD pack104.0050.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-660Please, Nana … 2-pack20.0018.0001/01/2016
BooksEducation Resources.90-7-701Earth pack, The20.0018.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-700SuperConference (USA 2010)
18 DVD pack
Clearance.90-7-710ICR Curriculum Supplement set125.0075.0001/01/2016
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-54215 Questions for Evolutionists (tract)0.20
Packs.90-7-720Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Vol 1) full pack72.0069.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-721Living Fossils—Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Vol-2) full pack67.0064.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-702SuperConference (USA 2010)
14 DVD pack
BooksEducation Resources10-1-546Exploring Creation with Marine Biology textbook68.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-547Human Body: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made, The68.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-548Exploring Creation with Marine Biology—Solutions & Tests22.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-549Human Body—Solutions & Tests, The22.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-550Exploring Creation with Zoology 1—Student’s Journal27.00
BooksChildren's10-1-552Oxpecker and the Giraffe, The10.00
BooksChildren's10-1-558Tyler Cray and the Grand Canyon Birthday14.00
BooksChildren's10-1-559Please Nana … Who is God?10.00
BooksChildren's10-1-560Please Nana … What is Death?10.00
BooksChildren's10-1-561Case of the Missing Mountain, The15.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-562Earth—Textbook, The13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-563Earth—Student Journal & Teacher’s Guide, The7.00
Clearance10-1-565Origin of Life (Curriculum Supplement)25.0015.0001/01/2016
Clearance10-1-566Structure of Matter (Curriculum Supplement)25.0015.0001/01/2016
Clearance10-1-567Human Heredity (Curriculum Supplement)25.0015.0001/01/2016
Clearance10-1-568Genetic Diversity (Curriculum Supplement)25.0015.0001/01/2016
Clearance10-1-569Geologic Processes (Curriculum Supplement)25.0015.0001/01/2016
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-013Creation: Facts of Life12.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-014Did God Use Evolution? (MB Edition)10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-0427 Men Who Rule the World from the Grave15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-050World That Perished, The17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-077Stars and Their Purpose13.0010.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-080Puzzle of Ancient Man, The15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-088If Animals Could Talk10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-110Refuting Evolution10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-117In Six Days17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-119Wonder of Man, The14.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-122Wonder of it All15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-133Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, The15.0011.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-134Stranger on the Road to Emmaus - Workbook, The7.50
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-137Battle for the Beginning, The16.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-151On Seventh Day, The13.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-153Grand Canyon: A different view17.00
BooksEducation Resources10-2-155Science and the Bible Vol.315.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-157True Story of Noah’s Ark, The17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-159Foolish Faith11.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-162Footprints in the Ash17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-167Great Turning Point, The25.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-169Frozen in Time14.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-170Universe by Design14.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-173Bones of Contention (Revised and Updated)28.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-2-188Dismantling the Big Bang: God’s Universe Rediscovered17.007.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-199Thousands … Not Billions14.0010.0007/17/2015
BooksChildren's10-2-202Lamb, The24.0019.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-203Big Argument: Does God Exist?, The15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-252Taking Back Astronomy: The Heavens Declare Creation17.0012.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-502Darwin On Trial17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-503Questions—I have always wanted to ask7.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-505Creation Answers Book, The14.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-506What About The Other Religions?7.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-507All That The Prophets Have Spoken15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-514Faith of Our Fathers: God in Ancient China24.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-515Letter from a Christian Citizen7.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-516Young Earth, Revised & Expanded, The20.00
BooksChildren's10-2-517Uncovering the Mysterious Woolly Mammoth16.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-519By This Name15.0011.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-520Vanishing Proofs of Evolution, The7.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-521Six-Day Creation: Does it matter what you believe?7.00
BooksEducation Resources10-2-523Evolution: The Grand Experiment—Teacher Manual17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-524By Design15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-525Hallmarks of Design (2nd Edition)13.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-526Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design, The20.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-527Heritage of Evidence in the British Museum12.00
BooksEducation Resources10-2-528Building Blocks in Science16.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-530Flood By Design15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-531Unraveling the Origins Controversy15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-535Slaughter of the Dissidents24.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-540Complete Works of Flavius Josephus, the Jewish Historian60.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-541God Reality, The8.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-542Creation and Evolution: Why it matters what you believe.5.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-543Evolution's Fatal Fruit10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-544Charles Darwin's Religious Views15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-551Creation Without Compromise15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-553Evolution: Good Science?13.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-554Mathematics: Is God Silent?24.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-555Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on evolution, The15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-557One small Speck to Man: the evolution myth69.0050.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-558Your Guide to the Grand Canyon: A Different Perspective16.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-559Rock Solid Answers20.0015.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-560Discovery of Design14.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-563Should Christians Embrace Evolution?20.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-566Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection (updated & expanded)15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-567Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature's History of Life, The20.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-574Dragons or Dinosaurs?15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-575Refuting Compromise (updated & expanded)15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-577Without Excuse15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-578One Human Family: The Bible, science, race and culture19.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-579Refuting Evolution 2 (Updated)13.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-016Ice Cores Age of Earth12.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-017Long War Against God, The17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-3-022Reason in the Balance17.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-081Darwin’s Black Box17.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-085Not by Chance!16.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-089Ancient Ice Ages or Gigantic Submarine Landslides18.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-090Mythology of Modern Dating Methods, The13.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-3-099Time and Eternity7.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-3-107Annals of the World, The70.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-109Missoula Flood Controversy19.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-111Frozen Record, The20.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-502Geologic Column, The15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-3-504Geology by Design15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-3-505Starlight, Time and the New Physics (Second Edition; updated)14.00
MediaAudio CDs20-5-504What the Bible & Science Say About the Age of the Earth CD7.00
MediaAudio CDs20-5-505Evolution of Human Evolution CD7.00
MediaAudio CDs20-5-506Genesis, The Gospel and the Creation/Evolution Issue7.00
Clearance20-5-507Creation Story Audio Dramatization CD20.0010.0001/01/2016
Miscellaneous25-1-501Creation Christmas Cards10.00
Miscellaneous25-2-017Small Ark Model 29cm (12 inches) long2.50 stickers1.50
Miscellaneous25-2-020Large Ark Model 48cm (19½ inches) long4.00
Miscellaneous25-2-514Timeline poster (small size)2.00
Miscellaneous25-2-515Timeline poster (large size)5.00
Miscellaneous25-2-518Dinosaur Flash Cards (2 sets of 5)6.00
MediaDVDs30-9-015A Jurassic Ark Mystery DVD15.00
MediaDVDs30-9-016Six Short Days, One Big Adventure DVD15.00
MediaDVDs30-9-017Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution - Volume 1 DVD23.00
MediaDVDs30-9-018Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution - Volume 2 DVD23.00
MediaDVDs30-9-049Hearing Ear And Seeing Eye DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-059Unlocking the Mystery of Life DVD15.00
Clearance30-9-082Frankenstein Foods & Fetuses DVD (AiG version)13.003.0001/01/2016
MediaDVDs30-9-087Creation Astronomy13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-106Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution - Volume 3 DVD23.00
MediaDVDs30-9-120Fearfully & Wonderfully Made DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-511Biblical Geology: Properly Understanding the Rocks DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-512Aliens, UFO's and the Bible DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-513Hubble, Bubble: Big Bang in Trouble DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-514Mammoth & the Ice Age DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-515Noah's Flood: Evidence In Australia DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-516Jesus in Genesis: The Messianic Prophecies DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-517In the Beginning was Information DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-518Creation Evangelism: Sharing Your Faith DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-519Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The Art of Deception? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-520Dynamic Life: Changes in Living Things DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-521Origins in the Modern World: Why it Matters DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-522From a Frog to a Prince DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-523Image of God DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-524Raging Waters DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-526Rocks & Ages: Do They Hide Millions of Years? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-527Retaking The Ground DVD Mini-Series30.00
MediaDVDs30-9-528Geology & Cave Formation: A Post-Flood Story DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-530Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-531Dinosaurs & The Bible DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-532Frankenstein Foods & Fetuses DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-533Languages: The Bible vs Evolution DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-534Age of the Earth DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-535Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-536Rocks Around The Clock DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-537How Well Designed was Noah's Ark? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-538Clash Over Origins: Creation vs Evolution DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-539Apemen: ‘Missing Links’ & The Bible DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-543Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World DVD22.9519.95NEVER
MediaDVDs30-9-546Creation: The Key to Dynamic Witnessing DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-548Origins, UFOs and Coming to Christ DVD5.00
MediaDVDs30-9-550Evolution Impossible13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-552Rod's Ark DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-553Young Sun DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-554Great Dothan Creation/Evolution Debate DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-556Genesis & the Gospel Connection DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-557What the Bible & Science Say About the Age of the Earth DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-558Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-559Codes and Creation DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-560Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-561Case for Creation
(3 DVD set), The
MediaDVDs30-9-568Rapid Rocks DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-569Starlight, Time and the New Physics DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-570Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 "Daughters of Noah" DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-571Evolution and the Holocaust DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-572Leaving Your Brains at the Church Door? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-573Let the Earth Bring Forth DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-574Creation Evangelism in an Islam-Aware World DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-575Tree Rings, Dating and Changing Climates DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-576A Brief, but True, History of Time DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-577How Textbooks Mislead DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-578Alien Abductions and UFOs—Exposed! DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-579Walking Through Shadows: A Testimony DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-580In the Middle of the Action DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-581Planetary Cataclysm DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-583Mystery of Our Declining Genes DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-584Creation Bus: 17 Years of Bush-Bashing DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-585Models, Genes and Global Warming DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-586How Evolution Hurts Science DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-587Our Created Solar System DVD19.00
MediaDVDs30-9-589Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Episode 1) DVD20.00
MediaDVDs30-9-590Elephants in the Room DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-591COSMOS: Created & Young! DVD30.00
MediaDVDs30-9-592Battle for the Mind DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-593Design, Death and Suffering DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-597Dragons or Dinosaurs? DVD19.00
MediaDVDs30-9-598Creation not Confusion
(2 DVD set)
MediaDVDs30-9-599Goo 2 U, via the Zoo DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-600Dating Game DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-601Creatures Do Change—But It’s Not Evolution DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-602Evolution’s Fatal Fruit DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-603Close Encounters of the ‘Fourth Kind’ DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-604Six Days … Really? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-605What the Schools are Teaching DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-606Great Global Warming Debate DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-607Rafting in the Grand Canyon DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-608Evolution of Human Evolution DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-609Distant Starlight - A Forum DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-610God the Master Designer DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-611Dinosaurs! DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-612Ice Age DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-613From Atheist to Creationist DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-61412 Biggest Lies DVD20.00
MediaDVDs30-9-615Evolution: The Grand Experiment (Episode 2 Living Fossils) DVD20.0016.9501/01/2016
Magazines     Back issues40-C-501Print back issues 4 pack: Creation magazine18.0014.0001/01/2016
MagazinesJournal of Creation40-J-501Back issues 4 pack: Journal of Creation56.00 Business Card Pack (of 50)5.00
Miscellaneous61-1-503CMI Bookmark1.00
Miscellaneous61-1-506Gift Voucher1.00
Miscellaneous61-1-509Question Evolution Bumper Sticker1.50
Miscellaneous67-2-505Greatest Hoax on Earth? T Shirt (Size S)8.00
Miscellaneous67-2-506Greatest Hoax on Earth? T Shirt (Size M)8.00
Miscellaneous67-2-507Greatest Hoax on Earth? T Shirt (Size L)8.00
Miscellaneous67-2-508Greatest Hoax on Earth? T Shirt8.00
Miscellaneous67-2-509Question Evolution! T Shirt (Size S)8.00
Miscellaneous67-2-510Question Evolution! T Shirt (Size M)8.00
Miscellaneous67-2-511Question Evolution! T Shirt (Size L)8.00
Miscellaneous67-2-512Question Evolution! T Shirt8.00
MagazinesCreation magazine90-3-001GCreation magazine - Gift subn 1 yr25.00
MagazinesCreation magazine90-3-001IGCreation magazine - Gift subn 1 yr Intl35.00
MagazinesCreation magazine90-3-002GCreation magazine - Gift subn 2 yr48.00
MagazinesCreation magazine90-3-002IGCreation magazine - Gift subn 2 yr Intl65.00
MagazinesCreation magazine90-3-003GCreation magazine - Gift subn 3 yr68.00
MagazinesCreation magazine90-3-003IGCreation magazine - Gift subn 3 yr Intl92.00
Magazines     Back issues90-3-BAKCreation magazine assorted print back issues5.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation90-4-001GJournal of Creation - Gift subn 1 yr39.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation90-4-001IGJournal of Creation - Gift subn 1 yr Intl46.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation90-4-002GJournal of Creation - Gift subn 2 yr75.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation90-4-002IGJournal of Creation - Gift subn 2 yr Intl88.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation90-4-003GJournal of Creation - Gift subn 3 yr105.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation90-4-003IGJournal of Creation - Gift subn 3 yr Intl128.00
MagazinesJournal of Creation90-4-BAKJournal of Creation single back issue14.00
DonationsDONATIONGDonate to CMI - General1.00
BooksBooklets & Tracts.00-1-531Witnessing Sample Pack (19 Booklets)10.8010.80NEVER
BooksBooklets & Tracts.00-1-532Witnessing Pack (57 Booklets)34.2025.00NEVER
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-001Creation magazine print - 1 yr new subn25.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-001ECreation magazine - 1 yr print renewal25.00
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MediaBlu-ray30-4-500Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World Blu-ray27.95
Packs.90-7-704Dragons or Dinosaurs book & DVD pack34.0029.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-591Starlight, Time and the New Physics book & DVD pack27.0024.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-186Classic Refuting pack38.0025.00NEVER
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-576Beyond the Shadows: making sense of personal tragedy10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-580Dark Side of Charles Darwin, The15.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-557Exploring Creation with Zoology 3—Student’s Journal27.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-556Exploring Creation with Zoology 2—Student’s Journal27.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-581Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Dire Dragons30.00
Packs.90-7-108Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution 3 volume gift box DVD set69.0060.0001/01/2016
Translations80-6-510Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World DVD (Chinese audiodubbed—version B)22.9519.9501/01/2016
Packs.90-7-584Mega Resource Pack210.50150.00NEVER
Packs.90-7-585Alien Intrusion pack31.0022.00NEVER
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-544One Way Journey: Death … and then? (tract)0.20
BooksChildren's10-1-581Adam and Family10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-582Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries19.00
MediaDVDs30-9-616Programming of Life DVD13.0010.0007/17/2015
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-583Jesus Christ our Intelligent Designer: An Evaluation of the Intelligent Design Movement10.00
MediaDVDs30-9-619Our Created Stars and Galaxies DVD19.00
MediaDVDs30-9-620Mount St. Helens: Modern Day Evidence for the World Wide Flood (DVD)20.00
MediaDVDs30-9-621Set in Stone20.00
MediaDVDs30-9-551Putting the Pieces Together DVD Mini-Series45.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-580Exploring Creation with Zoology 2—Junior Student’s Journal27.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-582Exploring Creation with Astronomy—Junior Student’s Journal27.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-583Exploring Creation with Zoology 3—Junior Student’s Journal27.00
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-545Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?0.60
Packs.90-7-001Creation Starter Pack38.0025.00NEVER
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-501Greatest Hoax on Earth? (ebook/epub download format), The10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-501Greatest Hoax on Earth? (mobi download format), The10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-500Alien Intrusion (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-502By Design (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-503Starlight, Time and the New Physics (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-500Alien Intrusion (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-502By Design (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-503Starlight, Time and the New Physics (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Packs.90-7-634Frog to a Prince + Raging Waters + Image of God 3 DVD pack39.0029.0001/01/2016 Bumper Sticker (Car Decal)2.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-587Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky, The35.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-585Christianity for Skeptics17.00
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-505Tracts (any combination)0.20
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-504Beyond the Shadows (mobi download format)7.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-504Beyond the Shadows (ebook/epub download format)7.00
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Packs.90-7-582Forces & Motion Pack23.0021.0001/01/2016
Packs.90-7-614Energy pack23.0021.0001/01/2016
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-533Two-tone Twins (tract)0.20
MediaDVDs30-9-623Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-624High-Tech Cell DVD, The13.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-001BCreation magazine print & digital - 1 yr new subn30.00
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MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-002EBCreation magazine - 2 yr print & digital renewal58.00
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MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-003BCreation magazine print & digital - 3 yr new subn78.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-003DCreation digital - 3 yr new subn42.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-003EBCreation magazine - 3 yr print & digital renewal78.00
MagazinesCreation magazine.90-3-003EDCreation magazine - 3 yr digital renewal42.00
BooksChildren's10-1-586Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb15.00
BooksChildren's10-1-585One Big Family10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-3-087God's Promise to the Chinese12.00
Packs.90-7-812Beyond the Shadows book + Walking Through Shadows? DVD23.0020.0001/01/2016
BooksChildren's10-1-588Word Wise Vol 2: Just As God Said!8.00
BooksChildren's10-1-589Bible Animals8.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-543Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World (Video Download)11.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-623Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things? (Video download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-624High-Tech Cell (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-625Christian Roots of Science (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-627Understanding the Law of Decay (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-629How the Earth Was Shaped (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-631Behemoths Buried Alive (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-634How Darwin Got It Wrong (Video Download)6.50
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL33-3Creation magazine single back issue 33:3 (Jul 2011) Digital Edition FREE sample issue
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL33-4Creation magazine single back issue 33:4 (Oct 2011) Digital Edition3.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL34-1Creation magazine single back issue 34:1 (Jan 2012) Digital Edition3.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL34-2Creation magazine single back issue 34:2 (Apr 2012) Digital Edition3.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL34-3Creation magazine single back issue 34:3 (Jul 2012) Digital Edition3.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL34-4Creation magazine single back issue 34:4 (Oct 2012) Digital Edition3.00
Packs.90-7-631Exploring Creation with Marine Biology—Textbook + Solutions & Test manual90.0085.0001/01/2016
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-628Spectacular Coral Reefs (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-630Biblical Biology 101 (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-632Migration After the Flood (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-635Are Miracles Scientific? (Video Download)6.50
Packs.90-7-101“God … why?” pack26.6017.0001/01/2016
MediaDVDs30-9-625Christian Roots of Science DVD, The13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-627Understanding the Law of Decay DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-628Spectacular Coral Reefs DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-629How the Earth Was Shaped DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-630Biblical Biology 101 DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-632Migration After the Flood DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-634How Darwin Got It Wrong DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-635Are Miracles Scientific? DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-631Behemoths Buried Alive DVD13.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-583Mystery of Our Declining Genes (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-600Dating Game (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-601Creatures Do Change—But It’s Not Evolution (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-606Great Global Warming Debate (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-608Evolution of Human Evolution (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-611Dinosaurs! (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-613From Atheist to Creationist (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-602Evolution’s Fatal Fruit (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-626Radioactive Dating & A Young Earth (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-633Distant Starlight Dilemma? (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-560Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-574Creation Evangelism in an Islam-Aware World (Video Download)6.50
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-001Time Warp—Parts 1 & 2 (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-002Who Created God? (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-003Phillip Island—A Virtual Field Trip (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-004Battle Over Geology’s Icons (Audio Download), The1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-005Something ‘Spooky’ in Living Things (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-006Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-007Heavens Declare (Audio Download), The1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-008Noah’s Ark (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-009Postmodernism, ‘Tolerance’ and Political Correctness (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-010Cosmic Mythology (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-011Why Home Education is a Viable Option for Christian Parents (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-012Spectacular Coral Reefs (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-013Once Upon a Time (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-014Understanding the Law of Decay (the Second Law of Thermodynamics) (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-015Evidence All Around Us (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-016Hominids, Hobbits and Humans (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-017Design and Distribution (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-018Remarkable Patterns of ‘Protein Families’ (Audio Download), The1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-019One Human Family (Audio Download)1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-020High-Tech Cell (Audio Download), The1.00
MediaAudio Downloads35-1-021Question Time—Parts 1 & 2 (Audio Download)1.00
Packs.90-7-777D2013 Australia Supercamp MP3 Download pack10.00
MediaAudio Downloads.90-7-777D2013 Australia Supercamp MP3 Download pack10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-600Made in Heaven: Man’s indiscriminate Stealing of God’s Amazing Design16.00
MediaDVDs30-4-616Programming of Life (Blu-ray & DVD)20.00
MediaBlu-ray30-4-616Programming of Life (Blu-ray & DVD)20.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-5982Creation not Confusion (Video Download)6.50
MediaDVDs30-9-626Radioactive Dating & A Young Earth DVD13.00
MediaDVDs30-9-633Distant Starlight Dilemma? DVD, The13.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL35-1Creation magazine single back issue 35:1 (Jan 2013) Digital Edition3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-605What the Schools are Teaching (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-604Six Days … Really? (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-612Ice Age (Video Download), The6.50
Packs.90-7-832SuperConference (USA 2012)
11 DVD pack
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-601Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview26.00
Packs.90-7-012SuperConference (USA 2012)
13 DVD pack
MediaDVDs30-9-617Programming of Life DVD (sleeved packaging)9.00
Packs.90-7-088Word Wise Vol 1 & 216.0011.0007/17/2015
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-511Biblical Geology: Properly Understanding the Rocks (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-512Aliens, UFO's and the Bible (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-513Hubble, Bubble: Big Bang in Trouble (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-514Mammoth & the Ice Age (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-515Noah's Flood: Evidence In Australia (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-516Jesus in Genesis: The Messianic Prophecies (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-517In the Beginning was Information (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-518Creation Evangelism: Sharing Your Faith (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-519Artistic Ape Anecdotes: The Art of Deception? (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-520Dynamic Life: Changes in Living Things (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-521Origins in the Modern World: Why it Matters (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-522From a Frog to a Prince (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-523Image of God (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-524Raging Waters (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-526Rocks & Ages: Do They Hide Millions of Years? (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-5274Retaking The Ground (Video Download) Mini-Series15.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-528Geology & Cave Formation: A Post-Flood Story (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-530Chemicals to Living Cell: Fantasy or Science? (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-531Dinosaurs & The Bible (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-532Frankenstein Foods & Fetuses (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-533Languages: The Bible vs Evolution (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-534Age of the Earth (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-535Arguments Creationists Should NOT Use (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-536Rocks Around The Clock (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-537How Well Designed was Noah's Ark? (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-539Apemen: ‘Missing Links’ & The Bible (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-546Creation: The Key to Dynamic Witnessing (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-550Evolution Impossible (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-552Rod's Ark (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-556Genesis & the Gospel Connection (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-558Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-568Rapid Rocks (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-569Starlight, Time and the New Physics (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-570Mitochondrial Eve and the 3 "Daughters of Noah" (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-571Evolution and the Holocaust (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-572Leaving Your Brains at the Church Door? (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-573Let the Earth Bring Forth (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-575Tree Rings, Dating and Changing Climates (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-576A Brief, but True, History of Time (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-577How Textbooks Mislead (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-578Alien Abductions and UFOs—Exposed! (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-579Walking Through Shadows: A Testimony (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-584Creation Bus: 17 Years of Bush-Bashing (Video Download), The6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-590Elephants in the Room (Video Download)6.50
MediaDVDs30-9-618Programming of Life, sleeved packaging (DVD)9.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-400What about dinosaurs? (Video download)3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-401Universe by Design (Part 1): Big Bang or Big God? (Video download)3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-402Universe by Design (Part 2): Comets and the Age of the Solar System (Video download)3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-403Universe by Design (Part 3): Mars & Venus: Speaking of Creation (Video download)3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-404Descent of Darwin (Video download), The3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-405Revelation of God in Creation (Video download), The3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-406Why do so many Christians embrace the Four Pillars of Atheism? (Video download)3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-407Incarnation (Video download), The3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-636Creation in the New Testament and Why it Matters (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-408Greatest Hoax on Earth (Video download), The3.00
MediaDVDs30-9-636Design of Life: Vol 1—Flight: the genius of birds DVD20.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-584Exploring Creation with Botany—Junior Student’s Journal27.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-507Creation Answers Book (mobi download format), The10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-507Creation Answers Book (ebook/epub download format), The10.00
MediaBlu-ray30-4-636Flight - the genius of birds (Blu-ray)23.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-591Exploring Creation with Zoology 1—Junior Student’s Journal27.00
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-548How Did We Get Our Bible?3.50
Packs.90-7-632Human Body—Textbook + Solutions & Test manual, The90.0085.0001/01/2016
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-580In the Middle of the Action (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-581Planetary Cataclysm (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-585Models, Genes and Global Warming (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-586How Evolution Hurts Science (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-592Battle for the Mind (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-593Design, Death and Suffering (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-599Goo 2 U, via the Zoo (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-603Close Encounters of the ‘Fourth Kind’ (Video Download)6.50
MediaDVDs30-9-638Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies20.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-589Authenticity of the Book of Genesis, The29.00
Miscellaneous25-2-506Dinosaur Poster12.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL35-2Creation magazine single back issue 35:2 (Apr 2013) Digital Edition3.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-610God the Master Designer (Download Video)6.50
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL35-3Creation magazine single back issue 35:3 (Jul 2013) Digital Edition3.00
MediaDVDs30-9-637Great Ice Age DVD, The20.00
Miscellaneous61-1-515Genealogy poster - A Family Tree from Adam to Jesus13.00
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-549Gay Marriage: right or wrong? And who decides?3.50
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-602World Winding Down10.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-511Rocks Aren't Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale14.0010.0007/17/2015
MediaDVDs30-9-639Who Made God? Can there be an uncreated Creator? DVD13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-325Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics39.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-326Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics—Student’s Journal27.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-327Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics—Junior Student’s Journal27.00
BooksChildren's10-1-604Days 1–7 (Updated)4.003.0007/17/2015
MediaAudio Downloads35-7-001Proclaiming Creation (12 Zipped MP3s)8.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL35-4Creation magazine single back issue 35:4 (Oct 2013) Digital Edition3.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL36-1Creation magazine single back issue 36:1 (Jan 2014) Digital Edition7.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-639Who Made God? (Video Download)6.50
MediaDVDs30-9-641Let the Rocks Speak DVD13.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-641Let the Rocks Speak (Video Download)6.50
MediaDVDs30-9-644How Darwin Got It Wrong (sleeved DVD)5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-570Exploring the World of Astronomy15.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-571Ecology Book, The17.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-572Intro to Meteorology & Astronomy, Parent Leaning Planner13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-573Intro to Oceanography & Ecology, Parent Lesson Planner13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-574Intro to Speleology & Paleontology, Parent Lesson Planner13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-575Concepts of Earth Science & Chemistry, Parent Lesson Planner13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-576Concepts of Medicine & Biology, Parent Lesson Planner13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-577Concepts of Mathematics & Physics, Parent Lesson Planner13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-578Science Starters: Elementary Chemistry & Physics, Parent Lesson Planner9.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-579Science Starters: Elementary Physical & Earth Science, Parent Lesson Planner9.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-643Evolution Impossible14.00
MediaAudio CDs20-5-510Countering the Rise of Atheism (Conference CD)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-506Refuting Evolution 2 (updated edition, mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-506Refuting Evolution 2 (updated edition, ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-510Christianity for Skeptics (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-511How Did We Get Our Bible? (mobi download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-514Genesis Flood and Floating Log Mats (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-515Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction? (mobi download format), The2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-516Skeptics vs Creationists (mobi download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-510Christianity for Skeptics (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-511How Did We Get Our Bible? (ebook/epub download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-514Genesis Flood and Floating Log Mats (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-515Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction? (ebook/epub download format), The2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-516Skeptics vs Creationists (ebook/epub download format)2.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-640Evolution's Achilles' Heels14.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-644Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Fossils32.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-594Water & Weather—Textbook13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-595Water & Weather—Teacher Guide5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-596Water & Weather—Student Journal5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-597Universe—Textbook, The13.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-598Universe—Teacher Guide, The5.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-599Universe—Student Journal, The5.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-622Evolution: The Grand Experiment Vol-1 (updated & expanded)35.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL36-2Creation magazine single back issue 36:2 (Apr 2014) Digital Edition7.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL36-3Creation magazine single back issue 36:3 (Jul 2014) Digital Edition7.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-686Evolution: The Greatest Deception in Modern History (second edition)21.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-557One Big Family (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-557One Big Family (ebook/epub download format)10.00
BooksBooklets & Tracts00-1-553What on Earth is God Doing3.50
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-505Refuting Evolution (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-505Refuting Evolution (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-513Stones and Bones (mobi download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-51715 Reasons to Take Genesis as History (mobi download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-518What on Earth is God Doing? (mobi download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-509Refuting Compromise (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-513Stones and Bones (ebook/epub download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-51715 Reasons to Take Genesis as History (ebook/epub download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-518What on Earth is God Doing? (epub download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-509Refuting Compromise (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-512Gay Marriage: right or wrong? And who decides? (mobi download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-520Rocks Aren't Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-521One Human Family: The Bible, science, race and culture (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-512Gay Marriage: right or wrong? And who decides? (ebook/epub download format)2.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-520Rocks Aren't Clocks: A Critique of the Geologic Timescale (epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-521One Human Family: The Bible, science, race and culture (epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-558Evolution's Achilles' Heels (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-558Evolution's Achilles' Heels (ebook/epub download format)10.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-2-561Creation, Fall, Restoration24.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-591Authenticity of the Book of Daniel, The18.00
MediaDVDs30-9-642Great Missoula Flood DVD, The20.00
MediaBlu-ray30-4-640Evolution's Achilles' Heels (Blu-ray)25.00
MediaDVDs30-9-640Evolution's Achilles' Heels (DVD)19.00
BooksChildren's10-1-605True Story of the World, The10.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-513Genetic Entropy (updated and expanded 4th edition)25.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-609Distant Starlight - A Forum (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-554Great Dothan Creation/Evolution Debate (Video Download), The6.50
BooksChildren's10-1-613Dinosaur Activity Book (4th printing, 2014)10.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-604Evidence for the Bible40.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-078Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study17.00
BooksChildren's10-1-601Bugs: Big & Small God Made Them All15.00
MediaDVDs30-9-645Unmasking Fables, Promoting Truth (2 DVD set)19.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-6454Unmasking Fables, Promoting Truth (Video Download)9.50
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-036Frozen in Time (ebook/mobi download format)4.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-036Frozen in Time (ebook/epub download format)4.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-017Annals of the World (ebook/mobi download format), The15.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-018Biblical Creationism (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-021Creation: Facts of Life (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-025Dismantling the Big Bang: God's Universe Rediscovered (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-026Evolution Impossible (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-027Exploring the History of Medicine (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-029Exploring the World of Astronomy (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-030Exploring the World of Biology (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-033Exploring the World of Physics (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-034Flood By Design (ebook/mobi download format)6.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-037Geology by Design (ebook/mobi download format)6.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-045Long War Against God (ebook/mobi download format), The10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-051Taking Back Astronomy: The Heavens Declare Creation (ebook/mobi download format)9.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-053Dark Side of Charles Darwin (ebook/mobi download format), The10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-054Thousands … Not Billions (ebook/mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-055Universe by Design (ebook/mobi download format)6.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-017Annals of the World (ebook/epub download format), The15.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-018Biblical Creationism (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-021Creation: Facts of Life (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-025Dismantling the Big Bang: God's Universe Rediscovered (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-026Evolution Impossible (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-027Exploring the History of Medicine (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-029Exploring the World of Astronomy (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-030Exploring the World of Biology (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-033Exploring the World of Physics (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-034Flood By Design (ebook/epub download format)6.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-037Geology by Design (ebook/epub download format)6.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-045Long War Against God (ebook/epub download format), The10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-051Taking Back Astronomy: The Heavens Declare Creation (ebook/epub download format)9.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-053Dark Side of Charles Darwin (ebook/epub download format), The10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-054Thousands … Not Billions (ebook/epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-055Universe by Design (ebook/epub download format)6.00
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL36-4Creation magazine single back issue 36:4 (Oct 2014) Digital Edition7.00
BooksChildren's10-1-602Guide to Dinosaurs17.00
Translations80-6-515Creation Answers Book (Traditional Chinese), The17.00
Translations80-6-516Creation Answers Book (Simplified Chinese), The17.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-606Genesis Account - A theological, historical, and scientific commentary on Genesis 1–11, The35.00
BooksChildren's10-1-128Noah's Ark: Pre-School Activity Book9.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-603Electrifying Nervous System, The16.00
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-538Clash Over Origins - Creation vs Evolution (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-5516Putting the Pieces Together Mini-Series (Video Download)22.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-5572What the Bible & Science Say About the Age of the Earth (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-5592Codes and Creation (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-607Rafting in the Grand Canyon - Catastrophic evidence of Noah’s Flood (Video Download)6.50
MediaVideo Downloads35-6-5412Facing the Fire (Video Download)3.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-508Earth's Catastrophic Past (Two-Volume Set)60.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-645Evidence for Creation (updated) - Intelligent Answers for Open Minds7.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-586Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb (mobi download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-602World Winding Down (mobi download format) - Understanding the 'Law of Disorder'—and how it demands a Creator7.00
Digital PublicationseBook .mobi format35-4-645Evidence for Creation (mobi download format) - Intelligent Answers for Open Minds5.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-586Exploring Geology with Mr Hibb (epub download format)10.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-602World Winding Down (epub download format) - Understanding the 'Law of Disorder'—and how it demands a Creator7.00
Digital PublicationseBook .epub format35-5-645Evidence for Creation (epub download format) - Intelligent Answers for Open Minds5.00
BooksTechnical & Academic10-3-515Ha-Mashiach - The Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures20.00
BooksEducation Resources10-1-529Exploring Creation with Botany39.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-605Busting Myths - 30 Ph.D. scientists who believe the Bible and its account of origins15.00
BooksGeneral & Family10-2-592Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Amazon Expedition14.00
Packs.90-7-630Frozen in Time book & Mammoth and the Ice Age DVD pack27.0020.0007/17/2015
Packs.90-7-667Design: Discovery & Death pack27.0021.0007/17/2015
Packs.90-7-866Footprints in the Ash + Mt St Helens pack37.0021.0007/17/2015
Packs.90-7-102Science Basics 5 DVD pack65.0032.5007/17/2015
Packs.90-7-104Hitler, Evolution & the Holocaust pack39.0027.0007/17/2015
Packs.90-7-105Flood by Design & Missoula pack35.0025.0007/17/2015
Packs.90-7-106Origins Controversy + Six Days? pack28.0021.0007/17/2015
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Season 4, Ep 1-6 (Video Download)
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Season 4, Ep 7-12 (Video Download)
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Season 4, Ep 13-18 (Video Download)
Magazines     Back issuesCMD-VOL37-1Creation magazine single back issue 37:1 (Jan 2015) Digital Edition7.00
MediaDVDs30-9-100Origin of the Universe Ep 1 DVD - The Heavens Declare series17.00
MediaDVDs30-9-101Challenges to the Big Bang Ep 2 DVD - The Heavens Declare series17.00
MediaDVDs30-9-102Light Travel Dilemma Ep 3 DVD - Heavens Declare series, The17.00
Packs.90-7-640Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels pack33.0028.0007/18/2015
Packs.90-7-113Messianic pack33.0025.0001/01/2016