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Evolution and the Christian Faith

Theistic evolution in the light of Scripture

Soft Cover

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High School-Adult


Philip Bell

Soft Cover


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This book assesses theistic evolution against the backdrop of the whole gamut of Christian doctrines: the attributes of God, the deity of Jesus Christ, the problem of evil, the nature of mankind, original sin, death, the Gospel, the restored new creation, missions and evangelism.

From the Foreword (by Brian H. Edwards):

“Here is a defence of biblical creation and an exposé of theistic evolution different from most others. [It] deals bluntly, perceptively and often alarmingly, with the way theistic evolution handles the plain message of the Bible—from the Old Testament, the teaching of Jesus and the letters of the apostles. … Evolution and the Christian Faith is a must-read for all who wish to be clear-thinking and loyal to a Sovereign God on the subject of creation. It is masterful, accessible, and faithful to the plain meaning of Scripture.”


"Philip writes with earnestness and heartfelt concern for the emerging young generation, grounded in his firsthand experience as a science teacher and a Christian preacher. In a gentle, respectful spirit, but with an unrelenting cogency and firm commitment to the whole counsel of God, this book demonstrates the impossibility of reconciling the core principles of theistic evolutionism with biblical Christianity.”
—Rev. Dr Joseph Boot, Pastor, Westminster Chapel, Toronto, and Founder & President of The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

"Evolution and the Christian Faith is a must-read for believers who wrongly think that adopting evolutionary theory into their theological and biblical worldview is spiritually neutral."
—Victor Kuligin D.Th., author, Snubbing God: The High Cost of Rejecting God's Created Order

"Theistic evolution appears at first sight to be an attractive way of harmonising Christian faith with current scientific theories of origins. Philip Bell helpfully sounds the alarm."
—Bill James, Principal, London Seminary

"This well-written book is a strong defence of the classical beliefs of Christianity"
—Dr Mart-Jan Paul, Professor of Old Testament in Ede (Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium)

"What we believe concerning origins has a profound effect on our witness and testimony to the unbelieving world. This is a very well written and thought-through book. I strongly recommend that it is read by all Christian leaders in the UK."
—Prof Andy McIntosh, Leeds, author and creation speaker

"Some in the Church have adopted theistic evolution into their view of the Bible. In this book Philip Bell eloquently shows that it is simply not possible. A great book for every Christian and a must read for every pastor and Sunday school teacher."
—Prof Steve Taylor, University of Liverpool, researcher, lecturer and creation speaker

"Sometimes you come across sincere Christians who ... have not yet grappled with the implications of the claims of evolution on Christian doctrine. It is to these people that 'Evolution and the Christian Faith' provides a comprehensive, logically argued and well written case for historical special creation in six days a few thousand years ago. The book also provides a powerful apologetic with which to strengthen the arsenal of seasoned defenders of the plenary authority of God’s Word."
—Marc Ambler, speaker and writer with CMI-South Africa

"In this superb, easily read and understood book, Philip cogently demonstrates that theistic evolution is untenable theologically based on biblical evidence. It should be required reading in all Bible colleges and seminaries—by both students and faculty—by all current pastors, and by any layperson who takes seriously Paul's admonish to 'destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God' (2 Cor. 10:5 ESV)."
—Dr Jim Mason Ph.D., CMI-Canada

“I once tried to believe in evolution and the Bible; I was a theistic evolutionist. However, deep down, theistic evolution (TE) unsettled me. … I don't think that anyone who accepts TE could read this book with an open heart before God and not be convicted by the biblical arguments. I would plead with anyone in this position to please read this book, prayerfully and carefully.”
—Dr Don Batten, Senior Scientist / Speaker, CMI-Australia

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