Soft Tissue, Protein and Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Remains

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2018 European Creation Conference (London)

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Prof Steve Taylor

49 Minutes

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A fascinating, helpful and encouraging presentation by a man who is currently doing research in this field. Dr Taylor first reviews the many dino’ soft tissue reports in the scientific literature and explains their significance for the creation/evolution debate. Next he outlines his research (with others) where carbon 14 dating has been applied to bones and bone tissues from various types of dinosaur. Possible contamination is discussed and a very strong case is presented from empirical data against ‘millions of years’ ages for these specimens. The talk also covers published research on ‘original biochemistry’ in fossils worldwide and throughout the geological column, providing further compelling evidence against the conventional deep time beliefs. Finally, Dr Taylor deals with complimentary historical and archaeological evidence of dinosaurs, all of which are hugely problematic for the secular worldview but wonderfully supportive of the biblical worldview encompassing recent creation, no death before sin, and a worldwide flood which laid down countless fossils.

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