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Green, Statham, Batten, James-Griffiths

216 Minutes

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This set of four lectures explores the faulty yet powerful ideas that determine the dominant contemporary views of origins and the Bible. The issue of origins is one of the most controversial of our time. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most misunderstood, with many in the church holding views based on what secularists claim ‘science’ has shown.

The media now unashamedly portray naturalistic explanations for the universe and life as fact, convincing many by stunning footage and skillful presentations. Few, however, are aware of the extent to which these views are rooted in materialistic philosophy rather than science. Against this setting, these illustrated presentations aim to arm you with the true view of history and science, as founded on God’s Word.

  • Dominic Statham—Darwin, Deism & the Origin of Species (55 min)
    Exposing the myth that Darwin was an open-minded observer of scientific facts when he was preparing to write the Origin.
  • Arthur Francis Green—When Fables Fall (61 min)
    Scripture was deliberately undermined by a potent mixture of rationalism, higher criticism and fables of evolution. Scripture stands—fables fall.
  • Don Batten—Evolutionary Fables about Similarities (49 min)
    How homologies, homoplasies and living fossils speak of one Creator, not one common ancestor.
  • Paul James-Griffiths—Exposing the Roots of Evolution (51 min)
    Few realize that evolutionary thinking began not with Darwin, but with pagan philosophers thousands of years before him.

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