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8 Syytä (8 Reasons, Finnish)

Finnish tract



Product Audience:
High School-Adult

John Hartnett


8 reasons by a physics professor that make evolution an impossible idea. These are taken from the cosmos, from geology of the planet Earth and from biology. The reasons are posed as the lack of any viable or reasonable answer to 8 questions:

  • Where did the Universe come from?
  • How did nothing explode?
  • How did stars and galaxies form?
  • How come all rocks dated with Carbon-14 give ‘absolute ages’ less than 56,000 yrs?
  • How do you determine the absolute age of a fossil?
  • Why hasn’t evolution been observed?
  • How does specific complex coded information in DNA arise by chance?
  • How did life arise from non-living chemicals by random chance?
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