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Witnessing Pocket Booklets Sample pack

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Soft Cover
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High School-Adult

Soft Cover


This pack includes the six pocket booklets …

What about dinosaurs?
32 page softcover booklet by Dr David Catchpoole [00-1-528]
What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? What do dinosaur fossils tell us? What happened to the dinosaurs?

Are we being visited by extra-terrestrials?
23 page softcover booklet by Dr Don Batten and Gary Bates [00-1-514]
Were the ‘sons of God’ and/or nephilim extra-terrestrials? Has Earth been visited by extra-terrestrials? Could life exist ‘out there’? What about UFOs and government cover-ups?

'Natural' evidences for the Creator-God of the Bible
24 page softcover booklet by Dr Carl Wieland [00-1-522]
Does natural law indicate a law-giver? Does the design of living things demand a supernatural creator? What about cultural evidence?

Does God exist?
32 page softcover booklet by Drs Don Batten & Jonathan Sarfati [00-1-515]
Is there objective evidence that God exists? What are the consequences of atheism? Where did God come from? Can we know God personally?

The Good News
15 page softcover booklet [00-1-524]
Mankind rebelled against the Creator with disastrous consequences. Discover the rescue plan that God effected for us.

Why would a loving God allow death and suffering?
32 page softcover booklet by Dr Jonathan D Sarfati [00-1-545]
Many struggle with this most-asked question. Understanding the salvation history in the Bible provides life-changing, satisfying answers.

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