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Jonathan Sarfati

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Without Genesis, there is no basis for understanding the New Testament. This presentation highlights the vital connections between the history in Genesis 1–11 and New Testament teachings.

It is clear that the New Testament writers all regarded Genesis as history: the people, events, and even the chronological order of events. For instance, John’s Gospel begins by quoting Genesis 1:1, and pointing out Jesus is Creator. Jesus Himself affirmed what Genesis teaches about Adam and Eve, marriage as the lifelong union of one man and one woman, Abel’s martyrdom, and Noah’s Flood. Even the Apostle Paul focused his Gospel preaching on the historicity of Genesis. The first man, Adam, brought sin and physical death, while the last Adam, Jesus, brought righteousness and physical Resurrection.

It is critical to accept Genesis as history because, without it, the Gospel becomes incoherent.

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