Wandjina Flood poster

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The legend of the ancient “Wandjinas” is well known in Australia. This print is a great conversation starter of one example of how tribal groups across the world have stories, although now corrupted, that point back to God’s judgment of the people of the earth.

This is a print of an original work by famous Australian Aboriginal artist Donny Woolagoodja that depicts his tribe’s legend of the great Flood of Noah’s day. It was commissioned by a generous couple who support CMI.

It also comes with a written explanation of this tribe’s Flood legend. Although different from the biblical account it is just one of many such stories shared by many different cultures around the world that point back to flood of Noah’s time.

Printed on good quality stock paper (594 x 420mm - 23.4 x 16.5 in).

Poster will be folded unless you have also purchased a mailing tube which can hold up to five posters (or ten small posters). See Related Products below.

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