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Refuting Evolution book pack

First and second books

Soft Cover
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Jonathan Sarfati

Soft Cover


This pack includes the two books …

Refuting Evolution
144 page book by Jonathan Sarfati [10-2-110]
Refuting Evolution is a hard-hitting critique of the most up-to-date arguments for evolution, to challenge educators, students and parents. It is a powerful, yet concise summary of the arguments against evolution and for creation. It will stimulate much discussion and help students and teachers think more critically about origins.

Refuting Evolution 2
240 page book by Jonathan Sarfati [10-2-579]
A sequel that comprehensively refutes arguments to support evolution (as presented in TV documentaries and Scientific American). Read world-leading evolutionists in their own words, and then find straightforward answers from science and the Bible. Refuting Evolution 2 will prepare you to answer the best arguments thrown at you by peers, teachers, neighbours and sceptics.

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