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Patterns of Evidence: Journey to Mount Sinai (Parts 1 & 2) Blu-ray pack

Two blu-ray pack

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Patterns of Evidence

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High School-Adult

Timothy Mahoney (filmmaker)

240 Minutes


Thinking Man Films


This pack includes two Journey to Mount Sinai blu-rays in the Patterns of Evidence series presented by Timothy Mahoney (Thinking Man Films) …

Journey to Mount Sinai (Part 1)
120 minutes [30-4-696]
Can Investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney find the mountain where Moses encountered the burning bush and where multitudes of Israelites camped for nearly a year? Examining details for five major criteria in the biblical account compared to geographical and archaeological information, he sets out to pin-point the mountain’s true location.

Journey to Mount Sinai (Part 2)
120 minutes [30-4-697]
Timothy Mahoney completes his 20-year search for the true location of the mountain where God gave the ten commandments. In the conclusion of a two-part series, Mahoney uses the Mount Sinai Scorecard to investigate the final three of the six most popular locations proposed for Mount Sinai – one in Israel, and two in Saudi Arabia.
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