Is Genesis History? Mountains After the Flood

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Del Tackett

102 Minutes


Compass Cinema


What if creation scientists suddenly discovered amazing new evidence supporting the events of Genesis? What if you could watch that discovery?

Del Tackett follows the journey of two creation scientists rafting through the Grand Canyon to examine enormous folds of solid rock. What caused these massive formations? And when did they happen? Conventional scientists say they are millions of years old, but no one has actually studied them… until now.

The first Is Genesis History? documentary provided an overview of creation science. In this unique sequel, explore how creation science actually works.

What did the Flood do to re-form earth? How did it shape the world we see around us? And why is Genesis so important to modern science?

If creation geologist, Andrew Snelling’s theory is correct, his findings will directly challenge the conventional view that the earth is hundreds of millions of years old. Instead, they will provide clear evidence for a recent global Flood.

Mountains After the Flood is a very different film from the first documentry. It reveals the inner workings of creation science and shows how creation scientists link their discoveries to the history recorded in Genesis. It will give Christians everywhere a deeper understanding of the relationship between science and the Bible.

Featuring: Del Tackett, DM; Andrew Snelling, PhD; Steve Austin, PhD; John Whitmore, PhD; Ray Strom, ChT; and Tom Vail

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