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Illuminating the tapestry of biblical human history

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Dr Robert Carter

55 Minutes

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Join Dr Robert Carter as he delves into the captivating realm of ancient DNA research, shedding light on the mysteries that envelop early human civilization. Through the lens of genetics, discover how our findings support the veracity of the biblical narrative. Prepare to be fascinated by the study of ancient DNA and its profound implications for human origins.

Hear what others are saying:

“Dr Carter is both a brilliant scientist and a master presenter. The result is a delivery of in-depth information taught with enthusiasm at a level that non-scientists can grasp. This presentation keeps you glued to your seat. Like a good book, you want to know what happens next. Even if DNA is not ‘your thing,’ it quickly will be once you begin watching. This new area of creationist research fits neatly into the history recorded in Scripture while at the same time producing enormous challenges for the millions of years of evolutionary history. Prepare to be encouraged!”
—Richard Fangrad, CEO, CMI-Canada

“This fascinating, documentary style presentation hits the ground running. Dr Robert Carter’s fast-paced, clear explanations never skip a beat. And combined with state-of-the-art graphical content, this makes for a truly gripping audio-visual learning experience—not hype, but simply the truth. There is food for thought here on many levels. This presentation is required viewing for anyone serious about engaging with the challenge of ancient DNA—biblical creationists, ID theorists, ‘old-earth’ creationists, theistic evolutionists, and those still undecided! Learn, think hard, digest, and face the challenge of following where this compelling scientific evidence leads. Tremendously faith-building.”
—Philip Bell, CEO, CMI-UK

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